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Our vision at FOO Society is to create a safe zone/ haven for adolescents of the LGBTQ community. Provide services that will cater to the need of youths who struggle with their identity and sexuality. Assist in sheltering by offering supportive services and resources to our community and family members who need aid/or and rescuing. FOO also teaches youth how to confront anti bullying. We embrace diversity and practice equality; LESBIAN GAY BISEXUAL TRANSGENDER or QUESTIONING our organization acknowledge that we are all a Family of One Society. 

The Bureau of Statistics dictate that 33% of all teen suicides are LGBTQ, 42% of homeless youths identify as LGBTQ (family rejection), 26% of LGBTQ youth have experienced bullying at school. Only 34% of high schools between broward county and dade county have created safe space for there students, there is a NEED for these programs within our community. 

FOO SOCIETY will like the opportunity to expand its mission to the LGBTQ youth within the south Dade region; by creating a solid foundation. A place where youths can feel welcome,  offer free expression without the worries of discrimination or prejudgment.  If granted space workshops/ programs will go into effect November 25, 2019.  I am reaching out asking for assistance in helping Family of One Society ( nonprofit) Organization; by providing a secure location so that FOO may have the opportunity to continue its mission. 

On August 30th 2019 the Miami foundation awarded Family of One Society its first ever grant reward, we are thankful and excited to put our plans into actions. FOO is reaching out to several schools that caters and welcome LGBTQ as well as offer programs. With your help and the help of others; FOO would be able to bring these services to life for the growing youths within our LGBTQ community and surrounding area.

Foo Society Mission

Rescuing LGBTQ Youth

  •  F- Focus. on strengthening the lives of family members by creating diversity within the local LGBTQ community. 

  • O- Optimistic. Create optimistic values among vulnerable youths.

  • O- Opportunity. FOOS core value is to install a solid foundation that will assist adolescents with the proper tools needed to build opportunities that will aid in everyday life situations. Our organization forms growth and invites LGBTQ members and youth of the community to express themselves without discrimination allowing members to soar to their greatest heights.

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